Come along and meet Marksie and be entertained with Aussie humour, whilst enjoying an authentic camp tucker meal.

Marksie learnt his bush skills in the Mallee from his grandfather who was trapping rabbits for a living. Fried, fricasseed, roasted, potted, steamed, cooked over coals on a shovel, any way you could think of, underground "mutton" was served. Marksie’s grandmother was so worried about the lack of variety in the family diet that, once a month, she cooked a camp oven full of ferret stew – to rid their system of the rabbit build-up – a recipe which to this day remains a treasured family secret. Don't worry, today's menu is SO much better.

He developed his "taste" of bush tucker, from his school friend, an Aboriginal boy, who gave him some herbs and grasses to put in the stew. It's "secret women's business" and in took him 17 yrs of regular holiday trips to persuade a Katherine Aboriginal lady to teach him.  20 yrs of camp oven cooking, and Marksie has a feast for you. The flavours of over 16 native bush plants to tantalise your taste-buds.

He grew up hearing all the Bush-mans' stories around the camp fires, and has acquired a whole lot more, to entertain you. His stories (no swear words needed) are hilarious, informative and he has lots of bush tips he can pass on. He sure has the gift of the gap, and will entertain you for hours. And yes he can talk under water!

He also thinks he is a Hugh Jackman "look-alike"...hmmm. you be the judge of that! Apologies, Hugh.

Don’t miss this great night out in Katherine. Here’s what the locals say

“Thank you so much for providing us with such a wonderful array of food, it was amazing and everybody thoroughly enjoyed all the goodies you cooked up! Yummy!” – Michelle & Jeff Katherine